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Danger's Hunt by Amanda Carlson for web.

Danger's Hunt

Book 5

The hunt is on...

Holly won’t rest until the outskirt is found. The militia who kidnapped him believe they have the upper hand, but they don’t know what Holly has along for the ride. With the status reader, Case is as good as rescued.

But once she arrives, things get dangerous fast. Tillman and his crew have detected their entrance. She has nothing left to do but make a decision that will change their future forever. Providing a distraction, in the last-ditch effort to free Case, Holly risks life, limb, and Luce.

Once they arrive South, the countdown is on. The scientists have some tricks up their sleeves, but time might run out before the next danger arrives. When it does, they barely make it out alive. What thy find out next is both surprising and chilling, questions they never sought answers are finally revealed…

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