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   Book 5

Even crafty ex-marshals need help in 2105.

Agent Mina Kane discovers that her pal, ex-marshal Norm Webb, is missing. It’s unusual for a highly trained agent to disappear into thin air, but that’s exactly what he does. Mina tracks down an old case, a likely candidate who was recently sprung from a box and happens to be a deviant who enjoys cruelty. But waiting the mandatory forty-eight hours to make this op official might prove too deadly for Norm.

While investigating the ex-marshal’s whereabouts, Mina and Lee, with help from a certain colonel from France, discover that the suspect has ties to the Syndicate, and things get hotter than a comet trailing toward Earth. Before any action takes place, Mina and Lee get called back to headquarters to participate in an audit. The higher-ups are suspicious of their recent headlining cases, so they’ve launched an inquiry. But it quickly becomes clear that their intentions are not on the up and up.

It’s not every day your rookie partner gets a commendation. Go, Lee!

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